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World Renewal Painting  for Karuk Ex copy

FIXING THE EARTH: NOW !                         

Goudi'ni Native American Gallery

Humboldt State University

February 21- April 27, 2013

This exhibit sheds light on the traditional tribal practices of healing the Earth through World Renewal Ceremonies of northwestern California.  Native artists from local tribes; Hupa, Karuk, Yurok, Wiyot, Tolowa, Tsnungwe and others, were invited to investigte and share their perspectives on World Renewal through their art. Lyn Risling and Julian Lang co-curated the exhibition in collaboration with Michelle McCall-Wallace from the HSU Art Department.


World Renewal                                            Lyn Risling

Basket. WS jpg

Chimi nupíkyaam ithívthaneen  (Let's Fix the Earth)                                             Lyn Risling

River as Home Banner copy


Morris Graves Museum, Eureka CA

February 2 - March 24, 2013

Lyn Risling is one of six featured artists and a co-curator of this exhibit.  Curator Bob Benson states, " The  exhibition represents the visual pulse of Native artists from the Klamath River and surrounding river systems. It is a comprehensive look at the spiritual and physical place through the world view of the area's original peoples."  The Wiyot, Yurok, Hupa, Tsnungwe, Karuk, Tolowa and other tribes are represented by more than 90 artists in this large and comprehensive exhibition.

Exhibition Banner                                                                                                     

(Two large banners hung in front of the Morris Graves Museum for the exhibition.)

Designed by Julian Lang / Artwork by Lyn Risling

EVOLUTIONS OF TRADITION: A Survey of California Indian Art

The Powell House

October 2012

Nevada City, CA

An exhibition of well known California Native artists from tribes of northern, central and southern parts of the state.  The show was curated by Maidu artist Judith Lowry, who had the vision to bring these artists'  work together to help celebrate the local indigenous Peoples of the Nevada City Area during the Nisenan Heritage Day.

                                                                                                             IHUK: She Returns in the Spring  

                                                                                                                                                    Lyn Risling                                                                                                 



October 24, 2012

Sacramento, California

Lyn Risling created the painting "Ifheektavaan" (Truth Bearer) for the poster and other promotional materials for the event. She donated the original painting to CILS, which was auctioned off at the event as a fundraiser.

Ifheektavaan (Truth Bearer)

Lyn Risling

Bringing Back the Balance




October 21-26, 2013

Sacramento, California

Lyn Risling was the featured artist for the event. Her painting image, Bringing Back the Balance was used on the Agenda Cover and other promotional materials for the Convention.

                                                                                                                              Bringing Back the Balance

                                                                                                                                                           Lyn Risling

Emperor WS

TAROT AS MUSE:  Humboldt Artists Interpret the Major Arcana

Ink People Center for the Arts

July 2012

Eureka, California

Lyn Risling was one of 21 Humboldt Co. artists chosen to participate in the Tarot Card  project, a fundraiser of the Ink People ( Each artist created a painting for the deck after they chose face down, one of the Arcana Tarot Cards and then received a reading with Carolyn Ayres, a local Tarot Card reader. Lyn picked "The Emperor."  Tarot decks from the paintings were printed and made available for sale. The project culminated in a show at the Ink People Gallery, curated by Katherine DeLorme, exhibiting all the artists' Tarot paintings.  Lyn says about her painting, "The Emperor in my painting represents one who believes in the law and order of the natural world rather than one created by mankind.  He understands the balance and cycles of life and gives thanks for the gifts from the Heavens and Earth. His life experiences have made him realize that his main purpose in life is to help "Fix the World" to recreate and maintain balance."

The Emperor                                     Lyn Risling

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